Glad to have you stopping by! This new site is designed to help you select things that you need or want. It’s often a bit overwhelming to make the choices so I and my team write informative and enjoyable pages to help you. See the menu for what topics have been covered, and do check back for more!

We look for good deals and things that should hold up well. We look for things that will enhance your quality of life. Many of the things we write about we have used ourselves.

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I love teaching and writing, and I love making careful selections of really useful items. (Sometimes of items that are pure fun, too.) For example, I’m still using the set of patio bistro furniture we bought over 25 years ago, and it’s still in very good condition.

I had fun creating the name of this website. As you may have noticed, many popular sites have short names with made-up words. So that’s what I did here. THINGSLEY does have a meaning, though. The site is about things and my middle name is Lesley, so I combined the two. This is a site about things, with Lesley. Hope you enjoy it and that it helps you find things that serve you well.